Weymouth Dance Festival

Miss Jacqueline Storey was the adjudicator for the Weymouth Dance Festival this year and she gave some excellent comments on how the students could improve their expertise. We were all pleased with the results achieved by the children and students. A very successful and pleasant festival.

Modern duets 10 yrs & under 3rd Amelia Smith & Madeleine Johnstone
Tap 6 yrs & under 1st Dulcie Johnstone 3rd Lily-Mae Snarey
Contemporary 15 – 18 yrs 1st Imogen Gray 3rd Amy Groves
Song & Dance 11 & 12 yrs 2nd Charlie Vaughan 3rd Abigail Dunford
Modern 7 & 8 yrs Sophie Stracey
Ballet 6 yrs & under 3rd Dulcie Johnstone & Isla Howden
Tap Duet 14 yrs & under 3rd Viola Turberville-Smith & Michael Bailey
National 13 & 14 yrs 1st Imogen Breaks
Contemporary 13 & 14 yrs 1st Imogen Breaks 2nd Viola Turberville-Smith 3rd Charlotte Greenman 4th Emma Greenman
FESTIVAL CONTEMPORARY CUP shared by Imogen Gray and Imogen Breaks

Classical Duets 10 yrs & under 2nd Ella & Sophie Stracey 3rd Ella Stracey & Alice Groves
Modern Duets 14 yrs & under 1st Charlotte Greenman & Viola Turberville-Smith 2nd Michael Bailey & Jacob Brunell 3rd Teryl McCarthy-Reid & Emma Greenman 4th Molly Thorne & Imogen Breaks
National 7 & 8yrs 2nd Sophie Stracey
National 9 & 10 yrs 1st Amelia Smith 2nd Rebekah Walsh
Modern 13yrs 2nd Imogen Breaks
Song & Dance 7 & 8 yrs 4th Sophie Stracey
Modern 14yrs 2nd Charlotte Greenman 3rd Viola Turberville-Smith
Novice Tap 1st Millie Burton
Ballet 1st Alice Groves 2nd Amelia Smith & Ella Stracey 3rd Madeleine Johnstone
Cabaret Trio 1st Emma Greenman, Molly Thorne & Emma Greenman 2nd Harrison Burley, Jacob Brunell & Michael Bailey
Lyrical Modern 15 yrs 2nd Amy Groves
Tap 14 yrs 2nd Charlotte Greenman 3rd Viola Turberville-Smith

Tap 9 & 10 yrs 1st Amelia Smith 3rd Joseph Horwood
Ballet 13 yrs 1st Imogen Breaks
Ballet 14 yrs 2nd Viola Turberville-Smith
Lyrical Modern 1st Imogen Breaks
Tap 11 & 12 yrs 2nd Jacob Brunel
Lyrical Modern 14 yrs 1st Viola Turberville-Smith 2nd Charlotte Greenman
Song & Dance 9 & 10 yrs 3rd Madeleine Johnstone
Novice Modern 7yrs & under 10 3rd Erin Edmonds
Character 13 yrs 1st Imogen Break
Character 14 yrs 1st Viola Turberville-Smith
Classical Duet 1st Imogen Breaks & Molly Thorne 2nd Charlotte Greenman & Viola Turberville-Smith
Song & Dance Duet 1st Harry Lake & Molly Thorne
Classical Group 21 yrs & under 1st The Call 2nd If She

Song & Dance 6 yrs & under 2nd Isla Howden & Dulcie Johnstone
Cabaret Trios/Quartets 10 yrs & under 2nd Freya Oliver, Isla Howden, Lucy Dunster & Lily-Mae Snarey
Ballet 15 yrs 2nd Amy Groves
Modern 6 yrs & under 2nd Dulcie Johnstone 3rd Freya Oliver 4th Isla Howden
Lyrical Modern 11 & 12 yrs 2nd Millie Burton
Modern 9 & 10 yrs 1st Amelia Smith 3rd Madeleine Johnstone
Character 15 yrs & over 1st Amy Groves 3rd Imogen Gray
Song & Dance 13 & 14 yrs 1st Molly Thorne
Classical Duets 21 yrs & under 1st Amy Groves & Imogen Gray

Contemporary Group 14 yrs & under 2nd The Maze
Character 2nd Ollie Vaughan
Character 9 & 10 yrs 1st Amelia Smith 2nd Alice Groves
Tap Groups 14 yrs & under 2nd Timber
Tap Groups 21 yrs & under 3rd Gambling Man
Lyrical Modern 7 & 8 yrs Sophie Stracey
Tap Duet 10 yrs & under 2nd Alice Groves & Joseph Horwood 3rd Madeleine Johnstone & Ella Stracey
Song & Dance Group 21 yrs & under 2nd Home
Ballet 7 & 8 yrs 4th Sophie Stracey

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