Pass Rates

The 100% pass rate for all examinations continues. Major examinations were as follows.

Intermediate Modern

Michaela Johnson (90 – Distinction), Charlotte Scott ( 88 – Distinction), Leah Jones (Pass), Kiarnah Rait-McDonald (82 – Distinction)

Intermediate Tap

Hayley Cookson (84), Emily Davies (85), Abigail Fiddik (92), Francessca Guarraci (80), Laura Parkinson (80), Verity Witt (83). All with DISTINCTION.

Bronze Tap

Zoe Brown (86), Jemma Brunell (91), Imogen Gray (94), Rebecca Hunter (83), Elenor Lake (84), Clare Phelan (88), Rebecca Richens (80), Lauren Scott (83).

Silver Tap

Josh Brunell (87), Katherine Buck (94), Katie Richens (90), Lucy Scott (89). All with DINSTINCTION.

Miss Hornby continues to adjudicate at dance festivals across the country. Her travels recently included Bristol, Southampton, Longhborough, Swansea, Eastbourne, Portadown, NI, and the North London Regional Finals for All England Dance in Welwyn Garden City. She was also asked to be the Announcer for the All England Finals at the Peacock Theatre in London, a task previously undertaken by her own teacher.