Exeter Dance Festival 2016

A few students entered Exeter dance Festival and had a great time. The adjudicator was Miss Jill Baldock. 2016 is not a qualifying year for All England at Exeter so it was a good chance for those first timers at Exeter to check out the stage and competition.

RESULTS as follows

CHARLOTTE GREENMAN Ballet 83, Song & Dance 85 3rd, Contemporary 83, Tap 85 3rd and with Viola Contemporary duet 88 2nd. Championships Tap 3rd.

EMMA GREENMAN Contemporary 86 4th, Song & Dance 83, Tap 83, Ballet 82.

VIOLA TURBERVILLE-SMITH Lyrical 87 3rd, National 2nd, Contemporary 87 3rd, Character 88 1st with Cup, Ballet 85 4th, Tap 85 3rd, Modern 89 2nd. Contemporary duet with Charlotte 3rd 85, Championships Ballet 6th, Tap 4th and Modern.

AMELIA SMITH National 83, Tap 4th 84, Lyrical 2nd 84, Ballet 3rd 84, Modern 2nd 86, Modern Improvisation 83, Ballet, Tap and Modern Championships were also entered.

IMOGEN BREAKS Ballet 1st 89, Character 1st 88, Modern 1st 88, Lyrical 2nd 88, Contemporary 2nd 88, National 3rd 84, Modern duet with Molly 4th 86. Championships Ballet 3rd, Modern 4th, also Cup for highest combined mark for Ballet & Modern, Salver for Character and Shield for Ballet.

HARRY LAKE Tap 84, Song & Dance 2nd 86, Song & Dance duet with Molly 1st 88, also cup for most promising senior boy.

MOLLY THORNE Modern 85, Song & Dance 3rd 85, Modern duet with Imogen 4th 86, Song & Dance duet with Harry 1st 88.

MADELEINE JOHNSTONE Lyrical 3rd 83, Modern 83, Tap 3rd 82, Ballet 82,
Song & Dance 4th 83, Modern Improvisation 4th 84, Tap Improvisation 82, Tap duet with Ella 2nd 83.

DULCIE JOHNSTONE Baby Cabaret 4th 83, Baby Ballet 80.

ABIGAIL DUNFORD Song & Dance 83, Lyrical 81, Novice Tap 3rd 83, Novice Modern 82,

ELLA STRACEY Ballet 4th 83, Character 4th 83, Lyrical 4th 82, National 82, Modern 81, Tap 81, Tap duet with Maddie 2nd 83.

SOPHY STRACEY Ballet 2nd 85, Character 4th 83, Modern 4th 84, Tap 4th 81




WELL DONE EVERYONE. June Keely and Lesann are very proud of you all

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